When Adolescents Can’t Read


When Adolescents Can’t Read: Methods and Materials that Work


Mary E. Curtis & Ann Marie Longo, Boys Town NE


ISBN 1-57129-070-0 1999 paper $11.95


The reading field expects that the reading of children who lag behind during the first few grades can significantly improve with good instruction. Similar confidence in treating the reading difficulties of adolescents has not been common. The general consensus has been that, even when treated, the poor reading of adolescents does not improve appreciably.

In this book, the authors present a remedial program for adolescents who are behind in reading as much as six grade levels. With this program, students make impressive gains of about two years for every year of instruction, bringing most of them up to grade level. The program, based on research and practice in reading and reading disabilities does not require elaborate teacher training.

Developed at Boys Town Reading Center and replicated in public schools, the program has great promise for poorly reading adolescents and adults.

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