Textbooks and the Students Who Can’t Read Them


Textbooks and the Students Who Can’t Read Them: A Guide for the Teaching of Content
Jean Ciborowski, Childrenís Hospital, Boston

ISBN 0-914797-57-3, 1993, paper, $21.95

Classroom teachers are faced with an immediate dilemma: how to engage their students in the content of teaching and inspire them to study, when so many lack the skills to read and easily understand the content. It has also become clear that assigning readings, lecturing, and then asking questions is an ineffective way to teach them.
This book proposes how to involve low readers more effectively in textbook learning. It presents instructional techniques to improve students’ willingness to work in mainstream textbooks–particularly those students with low reading skills. These techniques optimize learning of new content by focusing on three phases: Teachers prepare the student for new learning (Before Reading), help them (During Reading), and then help them integrate the new learning into what they already know (After Reading). The net effect of providing these active “handles” for learning from text is to maintain the confidence and motivation of the low-reading student.
Includes a textbook evaluation form to help teachers assess how or whether to use a particular text with their students. An eminently practical book for the classroom teacher!

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