Reading and Linguistic Development


Reading and Linguistic Development


Paula Menyuk, Boston University


ISBN 1-57129-071-0 1999 paper $11.95


Noted linguist Paula Menyuk brings to classroom teachers the important research findings on language development that have been reported in scientific and professional writings during the past two decades. Presented in non-technical language, this book is concerned not only with the language development of middle class children, but also with that of children from varying cultural and linguistic backgrounds and of those who have developmental language problems. Classroom teachers will especially appreciate

this critical comprehensive view. The teacher is introduced to a model of how oral language knowledge plays a crucial role in the acquisition of reading, and how reading changes during sequential periods of development: preschool, early grades, middle grades, and high school. Special emphasis is placed on the early grades because the most dramatic developmental changes occur then. Differences due to social and biological factors at all levels are considered and educational and clinical activities that support and enrich student language development are presented.

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