Learning to Read in the Computer Age


Learning to Read in the Computer Age


Anne Meyer & David Rose, Cast, Peabody, MA


ISBN 1-57129-070-2 1998 paper $11.95


It is hard to find a proposal for improving American education that does not include plans for the widespread use of computers. Yet concerns abound that the benefits will lag behind until the teachers who guide the students have a better understanding of their use. Anne Meyer and David Rose provide a thoughtful book that will help educate teachers in the theories and uses of computers for the teaching of reading. It presents rich knowledge both about computers and about the process of learning to read, relating computers to theories of the brain and to the teaching of reading skills and strategies. Also covered is the variety of computer software available for teaching reading at various levels for students who make normal progress as well as for those who experience problems. This presentation offers an exciting view of the future use of computers in reading instruction.

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