Reading and Writing


 Study Power: Study Skills to Improve Your Learning and Your Grades

William R. Luckie & Wood Smethurst

ISBN 1-57129-046-X 1997 paper $15.95

Now available as an ebook!!



The Study Power Workbook

William R. Luckie, Wood Smethurst, and SaraBeth Huntley

ISBN 1-57129-067-2 1999 paper $12.95



 Language and Reading Success

Andrew Biemiller, University of Toronto

ISBN 1-57129-069-9 1999 paper $11.95


Learning to Read in the Computer AgeLTRP_Meyer

Anne Meyer & David Rose, Cast, Peabody, MA

ISBN 1-57129-070-2 1998 paper $11.95



 Making the Writing Process Work: Strategies for Composition and Self-Regulation

Karen R. Harris and Steve Graham, University of Maryland


Qualitative Assessment of Text DifficultyQAOP_Chall A Practical Guide for Teachers and Writers

Jeanne S. Chall, Ph.D., Harvard University; Glenda L. Bissex; Sue S.Conard; & Susan H. Harris-Sharples



Reading and Linguistic Development

Paula Menyuk, Boston University

ISBN 1-57129-071-0 1999 paper $11.95


Manual for Use of the New Dale-ChallRRMP_Chall Readability Formula

Jeanne S. Chall, Harvard University, & Edgar Dale, Ohio State University

ISBN 1-57129-012-5, paper, $14.95



Readability Revisited: The New Dale-Chall Readability Formula

Jeanne S. Chall, Harvard University, and Edgar Dale, Ohio State University

ISBN 1-57129-008-7, 1995, paper $29.95


Textbooks and the Students Who Can’t Read Them:TATP_CiborowskA Guide for the Teaching of Content

Jean Ciborowski, Childrenís Hospital, Boston

ISBN 0-914797-57-3, 1993, paper, $21.95


Teaching a Young Child to ReadTYCP_Smethurst

Wood Smethurst, Ed.D.

ISBN 1-57129-048-6 1998 paper $16.95



Vocabulary DevelopmentVDPP_Stahl

Steven A. Stahl, University of Georgia

ISBN 1-57129-0172-9 1999 paper $11.95



When Adolescents Can’t Read: Methods and Materials that Work

Mary E. Curtis & Ann Marie Longo, Boys Town NE

ISBN 1-57129-070-0 1999 paper $11.95


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