Teaching Students Ways to Remember


Teaching Students Ways to Remember: Strategies for Learning Mnemonically

Margo Mastropieri & Thomas Scruggs, Purdue Univ.

ISBN 0-914797-67-0 1991 paper $21.95

A mnemonic is a technique for improving or strengthening memory. The authors have demonstrated over a decade of research that using instruction in mnemonic techniques dramatically improves school success, especially for students with learning problems. This book was written in response to the enormous interest in mnemonic instruction by teachers and administrators. It focuses on using mnemonic techniques to help students acquire basic skills, concepts, facts, and systems of facts–what mnemonic instruction facilitates most.

Section 1 explains the major mnemonic techniques and the applications for which each is best suited. Section 2 demonstrates applications in specific subject areas–social studies, science, mathematics and reading–indicating the suitable mnemonic techniques for tasks within each area, with a sample lesson applying each strategy. Many examples are presented, since the best way to learn about mnemonic instruction is to practice using the techniques. When you see how well these techniques work, you too will become enthusiastic about mnemonic instruction!


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