Raising Your Child to be Gifted


Raising Your Child To Be Gifted: Successful Parents Speak!
Dr. James R. Campbell, St. John’s University, NY
ISBN 1-57129-000-1, 1995, paperback $19.95

All parents want their child to succeed in school. But isn’t it “all in the genes”? Is there anything parents can do to encourage or even create academic excellence?
Dr. Campbell’s answer, after interviewing the parents of more than 10,000 gifted children in the U.S., Greece, Japan, and the Republic of China (Taiwan), is that what these gifted students shared most strikingly was not their IQ; it was their parents who nurtured their ability and who motivated and supported their efforts to excel at school. Parents in all four countries had very similar concerns and had developed similar solutions.

This book explores the underlying principles and strategies these parents used in nurturing their children’s giftedness. The results have been distilled into a series of “recipes”–specific, concrete recommendations and suggestions that parents can apply. Every one of these recipes has been used in the homes of these “superparents” and has demonstrated its effectiveness in improving students academic achievement. No parent should be without this arsenal of techniques for making the most of a child’s ability!

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