From Surviving to Thriving


From Surviving to Thriving: A Guidebook for Beginning Teachers

M. Bromfield and H. Deane, Lesley University; E. Burnett, CA State Univ, Long Beach

ISBN 1-57129-092-3 2002 paperback $22.95


Specifically designed to assist new teachers through the transition into classroom teaching, this guidebook offers a groundwork for achieving early success and future professional growth. The authors focus on issues critical to the first years of teaching that are not generally discussed in teacher training programs to

guide new teachers towards a reflective and rewarding professional practice. A major emphasis is the critical importance of reaching out to colleagues as sources of support and professional and personal growth. Each section addresses its topic from a variety of different perspectives. Topics covered include:


• Getting to know and understand the unwritten culture of your school and the critical features of how it works.

• Getting to know your students as they begin the school year.

• Understanding, approaching, and working with the families of your students.

• Becoming acquainted with the communities your students live in .

• Understanding and fostering relationships with colleagues who may serve as role models and teaching supports.

• Combating feelings of isolation in a new job while fostering professional growth and a sense of belonging in the school community.

• Reflecting on your practice: developing a process of self-evaluation that promotes professional and personal growth.

• Taking care of yourself: dealing with stress and avoiding burnout.

• An introduction to professional organizations and communities that provide support and professional development to new and veteran teachers.

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