Enabling and Empowering Families


Enabling and Empowering Families: Principles and Guidelines for Practice

Carl J. Dunst, Ph. D., Allegheny-Singer Research Institute; Carol M. Trivette, M.A., and Angela G. Deal, M.S.W., The Western Carolina Center, Morganton, NC

ISBN 0-914797-59-X, paper, US$24.95

The classic in early intervention!
Successful programs understand that the disabled child’s needs must be considered in the context of a family. Federal legislation (P.L. 99-457) requires that early intervention programs use a family systems model.
This book was specifically written for practitioners who must work with families but who have insufficient training in family systems assessment and intervention. It is a valuable blend of theory and practice, with pointers for applying the principles, and case studies illustrating how to apply them.
The authors propose tested principles, operating guidelines, and assessment forms that enable families to acquire the skills they need to mobilize resources to meet their needs. Their system, which is easy to understand and apply, enables professionals to help the family identify its needs, locate the formal and informal resources and supports to meet these needs, and develop decision-making and problem-solving abilities to effectively access these resources. *The focus is on building the family’s capabilities to cope more effectively on its own.*
Sample forms to assist practitioners to help families apply this system are included in the Appendix. Packets of these forms are available for use by practitioners from the publisher.

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