MILP_Meichenbaum Nurturing Independent Learners: Helping Students Take Charge of Their Learning

Donald Meichenbaum, Univ. of Waterloo, & Andrew Biemiller, Univ. of Toronto

ISBN 1-57129-047-8 1998 paper $27.95



Making School Inclusion Work: A Guide to Everyday Practice

Katie Blenk and Doris L. Fine, Kids are People School, Boston

ISBN 0-914791-96-4, 1995, paperback $24.95


PTFP_Block Power Thinking for Success

John N. Mangieri & Cathy Collins Block

ISBN 1-57129-019-2 paperback $16.95



From Surviving to Thriving: A Guidebook for Beginning Teachers

M. Bromfield and H. Deane, Lesley University; E. Burnett, CA State Univ, Long Beach

ISBN 1-57129-092-3 2002 paperback $22.95


RY2P_Campbell  Raising Your Child To Be Gifted: Successful Parents Speak!

Dr. James R. Campbell, St. John’s University, NY

ISBN 1-57129-000-1, 1995, paperback $19.95



Enabling and Empowering Families: Principles and Guidelines for Practice

Carl J. Dunst, Ph. D., Allegheny-Singer Research Institute; Carol M. Trivette, M.A., and Angela G. Deal, M.S.W., The Western Carolina Center, Morganton, NC

ISBN 0-914797-59-X, paperback US$24.95


TEAP_Deshler Teaching Every Adolescent Every Day: Learning in Diverse High School Classrooms

Don Deshler, Jean Schumaker, Karen Harris, & Steve Graham, Editors

ISBN 1-57129-060-5 1999 paperback $19.95



Teaching Every Child Every Day: Learning in Diverse Schools and Classrooms

Karen R. Harris, Steve Graham, & Don Deshler, Editors

ISBN 1-57129-040-0 1997 paperback $19.95


SSLP_Hogan  Scaffolding Student Learning
Instructional Approaches and Issues

Kathleen Hogan & Michael Pressley, State University of New York at Albany, Editors

ISBN 1-57129-036-2, 1997, paperback $19.95



Building Urban Little Schools: Where Every Child Succeeds with Dignity.

Robert E. Newman

ISBN 1-57129-076-1 2001 paperback $21.95


CREP_PressleyCognitive Strategy Instruction That Really Improves Children’s Academic Performance, 2nd Edition

Michael Pressley, Notre Dame University, and Vera E. Woloshyn, Brock University, Editors

ISBN 1-57129-005-2 1995 paper $27.95



Helping Students Become Strategic Learners: Guidelines for Teaching

Karen Scheid

ISBN 0-914797-80-8, paperback $26.95



 Teaching Students Ways to Remember: Strategies for Learning Mnemonically

Margo Mastropieri & Thomas Scruggs, Purdue Univ.

ISBN 0-914797-67-0 1991 paper $21.95


TTTP_Scruggs  Teaching Test Taking Skills: Helping Students Show What They Know

Thomas Scruggs & Margo Mastropieri, Purdue University

ISBN 0-914797-76-X, 1992, paperback $21.95



Peer Assisted Learning: A Practical Guide for Teachers

Keith Topping, Ph.D. University of Dundee, Scotland

ISBN 1-57129-085-0 2001 paperback $19.95



Cognitive Strategy Instruction for Middle and High Schools

Eileen Wood, Wilfrid Laurier University; Vera E. Woloshyn, Brock University; and Teena Willoughby, University of Waterloo, Editors

ISBN 1-57129-007-9, 1995, paperback $26.95

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