S.: Semaines de Suzanne


A novel by Harry Mathews, Jean Echenoz, Mark Polizzotti, Florence Delay, Olivier Rolin, Sonja Greenlee, and Patrick Deville


ISBN 1-57129-043-5 1998 paper $15.95


‘Desperately seeking Suzanne’ is the watchword these seven writers seem to have chosen . . . They’ve joined together to breathe life into a single fictional character (Susanna, Suzy, Sue—in short Suzanne) at different moments in her life. They began with a minimal set of particulars: name, place and date of birth, parents’ professions, height, and distinguishing marks. And as a sculptor layers plaster onto a wire skeleton, so these authors fleshed out the basic administrative details, modeling to his her taste the changing contours of Suzanne in seven acts.

The result is seven sequences that come together like a patchwork quilt, in which each piece retains its individual tone while forming part of a harmonious whole. The unity of the text also stems from the network of correspondences between the various chapters: key phrases taken up and modified from one story to the next; winks and nods from one author to his neighbor’s work, or even to his own. These variations on an identity card read like a joyful exercise in style by seven authors in total complicity.”-Le Monde


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