Antonio López Ortega


ISBN 1-57129-057-5 1998 paper 15.95


In Moonlit, Antonio López Ortega offers us a brilliant mirror. In each segment of text, we find revelations and powerful new ways of understanding fleeting moments in life. The mirror, though, is angled, reflecting fragments of the world of the educated middle class in Venezuela. Bit by bit Ortega portrays life at the end of the twentieth century, complete with the richness, vices and discomforts of our time. Ortega’s vision and his vividly direct voice make the casual events of everyday life seem unexpected, and unexpected violent occurrences seem almost casual. These brief, precise stories revive the beauty and delicacy of life, and, at the same time, reveal the ways in which we are uneasy with the daily business of our lives.


Antonio López Ortega has had six books published in Spanish, and numerous stories in international publications. Moonlit is his first book to be published in English. He studied Hispanic studies at the Sorbonne.


“Turning colloquial language into a lyrical rendition of everyday life, López Ortega exposes, in a deceptively matter-of-fact style, those extraordinary moments which underlie ordinary experience.”

-Celeste Olalquiaga

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