Fiction and Poetry



The Joy of Being Awake

Hector Abad,translated by Nathan Budoff

ISBN 1-57129-020-6 1996 paper $15.95


PINP_Blagg Pink Instrument: Poems and Photographs

Max Blagg, with photographs by Ralph Gibson

ISBN 1-57129-054-0 1998 paper $17.95



Tikun Olam: Fixing the World

Anne Lobock Fenton

ISBN 1-57129-020-6 1998 cloth $15.95



Bus Girl: Poems

Gretchen Josephson

ISBN 1-57129-041-9 1997 paper $14.95



S.: Semaines de Suzanne

A novel by Harry Mathews, Jean Echenoz, Mark Polizzotti, Florence Delay, Olivier Rolin, Sonja Greenlee, and Patrick Deville

ISBN 1-57129-043-5 1998 paper $15.95



Silk: A Collection of Stories

Grace Dane Mazur

ISBN 1-57129-028-1 1998 paper $15.95




Antonio López Ortega

translated by Nathan Budoff

ISBN 1-57129-057-5 1998 paper $15.95


 UOPP_Santos_Febres Urban Oracles

Mayra Santos-Febres

translated by Lydia Platón and Nathan Budoff

ISBN 1-57129-034-6 1997 paper $15.95

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