Disability and Education


The Ecology of Troubled Children: Changing Children’s Behavior by Changing the Places, Activities, and People in Their Lives

Richard L. Munger, University of North Carolina–Wilmington

ISBN 1-57129-050-8 1998 paperback $29.95


Bethy and the Mouse BATP_BakelyGod’s Gifts in Special Packages

Donald C. Bakely

ISBN 1-57129-035-4 paperback $16.95




Responding to the Challenge: Current Issues and International Perspectives on Developmental Disabilities

Hank Bersani, Editor

ISBN 1-57129-075-3 1999 paper $29.95


Attention Deficit DisordersRADP_Cherkes, A Radical Reconceptualization and Its Implications for Classroom Instruction

Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski, Susan Sharp & Jonathan Stolzenberg, University of Connecticut

ISBN 1-57129-037-0, 1997, paperback $27.95



Belonging: Creating Community

Mona Hajjar Halaby

ISBN 1-57129-084-2 2002 paper $19.95




One Person at a Time: Citizen Advocacy for People with Disabilities

Adam (A.J.) Hildebrand

ISBN 1-57129-093-1 2004 paper $22.95


ATCP_JudgeAssistive Technology for Young Children With Disabilities: AGuideto Family-Centered Services

Sharon Lesar Judge & Howard P. Parette

ISBN 1-57129-051-6 1998 paper $24.95



Reaching the Autistic Child: A Parent Training Program

Martin Kozloff, Boston University

ISBN 0-914797-02-6, paperback $14.95


BTHP_LeffBuilding the Healing Partnership: Parents, Professionals, and Children with Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities

Patricia Taner Leff, M.D., & Elaine H. Walizer, M.A.

ISBN 0-914797-60-3, paperback $24.95


The Reality of Dyslexia: Revised EditionTRRP_Osmond

John Osmond

ISBN paperback




 The Creation of Settings and the Future Societies

Seymour B. Sarason

ISBN 0-914797-49-2, paperback $19.95



The Challenge of the ResourceExchange Network: How to Construct and Maintain Resource Networks

Seymour B. Sarason and E. Lorentz

Vol. II: ISBN 0-914797-46-8, paper, $19.95



 Living in the State of Stuck: How Assistive Technology Impacts the Lives of People with Disabilities

Marcia J. Scherer, Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technology Evaluation and Transfer, SUNY-Buffalo
ISBN 1-57129-027-3, 1996, paperback $17.95



The Throwaway Kids: Black Functionally Illiterate Adolescents

Gary Simpkins

ISBN 1-57129-091-5 2001 paper $19.95

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