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Northampton, MA 01060
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Study Power is now available as an ebook!!! Find it here at amazon.com 



Reading and Writing 

SPSP_Smethurst    -Books that address a range of issues and of literacy and communication  and strategies to improve them. In a knowledge and information-based society our capacity to manage and process information is essential. These texts address reading and writing, their importance and ways to excel in these skills.


Study Power is now available as an ebook!!! Find it here at amazon.com


PTFP_Block – Cognition and strategic thinking are addressed in a group of books that follow different ways of thinking about thinking, and techniques that can focus our capacities and address issues confronting us in intellectual processes.


Disability and Education

ETCP_Munger – Books that both share vital stories about disability and education, and present strategies and possible solutions in situations related to general education or to specific circumstances.


Fiction and Poetry


– A varied selection of daring contemporary texts, including works by leading Latin American authors in translation and outstanding texts by Boston-based writers. Brookline Books has published both narrative and verse, with an interest in seeing important texts accessible and in print.

General Nonfiction


– A range of resources from books that address topics as varied as the war in the former Yugoslavia, responses to the AIDS epidemic, and how to apply chiropractic techniques to a variety of domestic animals.

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